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La Flower Spices and Herbs

Garlic (Minced)

Garlic (Minced)

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 La Flower Spices Minced Garlic - 9 oz

Pure Ingredient: Finely minced garlic for a robust and aromatic taste.

Also Known As: Allium sativum granules, Crushed garlic, Ajo picado.

Premium Quality: Meticulously sourced, ensuring the highest garlic essence. No additives or preservatives.

Versatile Use-Cases: Enhance a myriad of dishes – from pasta to stir-fries – with the savory touch of minced garlic.

Generous Packing: 9 oz recyclable jar, providing an ample supply for your kitchen adventures.

Excellent Value: Affordable luxury, supporting local businesses in North Carolina.

Low Environmental Impact: Eco-friendly packaging aligning with your conscious choices.

Transform your kitchen with La Flower Spices and Herbs Minced Garlic. Order now for flavor, convenience, and a commitment to supporting local businesses.

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