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La Flower Spices and Herbs

Red Cayenne Pepper

Red Cayenne Pepper

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La Flower Spices Red Cayenne Pepper - 8 oz

Pure Ingredient: Embrace the intense heat of cayenne pepper, free from additives or preservatives.

Also Known As: Recognized as Guinea spice or bird pepper, this fiery spice adds a kick to your dishes.

Premium Quality: Sourced for its vibrant color and robust flavor, ensuring an authentic cayenne experience.

Uses-Cases: Ignite your dishes with the bold heat of cayenne, perfect for seasoning sauces, soups, and grilled meats.

Generous Packing: Our 8 oz recyclable jar features a dual-window lid for easy dispensing and precise control.

Excellent Value: More product, great price — exceptional value compared to competitors.

Low Environmental Impact: Choose sustainability with our recyclable packaging, making it an eco-friendly choice.

Support Small Business: By choosing La Flower Spices, you're supporting a small business in North Carolina.

Transform your dishes with the intense heat of La Flower Spices and Herbs Red Cayenne Pepper. Order now for premium quality, convenience, and a sustainable spice experience.

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